El Boton- Sun Dried Natural Maragogipe, Antioquia Colombia

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(Because of the large size of the beans, this is sold in 12 ounce bags only.)

 Flavor Profile: Bright blueberry, raspberry, milk chocolate, banana/mango and hints of pistachio. Specialty Coffee always at its best!

El Boton is an elaboratly distinctive single estate coffee from the department of Antioqia and from a coffee tree called a Maragogipe. This is a giant coffee tree that produces a giant coffee bean. Typically farmers dont plant this particular plant as it takes a lot of space per tree and therefore is a lower yielding crop. But this farm is dedicated to Maragogipe and has been since 1931. Grown at 1350 masl with annual rainfall of 95 inches and rich soil the conditions are a perfect trifecta.

In addition Finca El Boton has shade grown production. With this method crop yield is smaller per hectare but the quality is unparalelled. The shade gives the beans the right humidity and temperature conditions to create a truly unique cup profile. The beans are handpicked from the branch only when ripe and are carefully dried using the sundried natural process.

Roast Profile: Aroma Roasted- Medium 

Varietal: Maragogipe

Altitude: 1350 masl

Soil content: Volcanic ash

Process: Sundried Natural

Location: Antioquia

Each bag ships as 12 oz. 




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