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El Boton- Colombia

El Boton- Colombia

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Flavor Profile: Noted by bright notes of blueberry, raspberry, milk chocolate, banana and mango, plus undertones of pistachio. Enjoy exceptional Specialty Coffee every time.

El Boton, a single estate coffee from the department of Antioqia, is distinguished by its cultivation of the Maragogipe coffee tree. This species is scarcely farmed due to its large bean size and minimal yield, though the farm has grown it since 1931. This area provides ideal environmental conditions for coffee development, with a high elevation of 1350 masl, 95 inches of yearly precipitation, and mineral-rich soil.

Finca El Boton employs the shade-grown production methodology; this reduces the crop yield per hectare, yet ensures exceptional quality. The shaded atmosphere provides optimal humidity and temperature which produces an extraordinary flavor. Each bean is harvested manually from the branches only when fully ripe, and is dried carefully using the natural sun-dried method..

Roast Profile: Aroma Roasted- Medium 
Varietal: Maragogipe
Altitude: 1350
Soil content: Volcanic ash
Process: Sun-dried Natural
Location: Antioquia
Each bag ships as 12 oz.
1 case of 12x's 12 oz bags for 10%discount



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