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We are coffee lovers plain and simple. Just like you, we need a great cup of coffee to start our day, pass the time or for that afternoon boost. We are committed to sourcing through blind tastings the highest scoring single origin coffees from around the globe and artisanally roasting in small batches to uncover the special characteristics of each bean. 

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  • Seed to Cup : Our Odyssey at ECR

    Our mission is to craft extraordinary coffee experiences that transcend time. Through meticulous sourcing, precise roasting, and a commitment to sustainability, we strive to unlock the true essence of each bean, elevating your daily ritual to an everlasting moment of joy and connection.

  • The Final Frontier to Reach Ernesto’s Dream

    A Journey of Uncompromising Quality and Transparency. At ECR, we honor the legacy of Ernesto Garces, a visionary coffee farmer, by sustainably cultivating in the volcanic mountains of Colombia, to responsible milling, export, import, and artisanal small-batch roasting by our master roaster, we bring you an unparalleled coffee experience that transcends worlds.

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