Wholesale Program

Our wholesale business is designed for cafes and restaurants that are as passionate about coffee as we are! We look to structure long term roasting relationships with restaurants, distributors an entrepreneurs that are interested in offering the highest quality coffees and will settle for nothing less. 

Eternity Coffee Roasters has a unique infrastructure that very few roasting companies can boast about. Aside from our state of the art roasting facility, located in Downtown Miami we actually source green beans from our our own farms in Colombia as well as direct trade with small farmers within our region and are continually working with specialty coffee traders who search the globe looking for the best of the best of best! This is a never ending quest and a passion that grows stronger each day.

How do we select coffees? All of our coffees are selected from  " blind cuppings", this is similar to a blind wine tasting. This means that we evaluate hundreds of coffees based on the 1) Fragrance/ Aroma 2) Mouth Feel 3) Acidity  4) Taste 5) Aftertaste.  We do this not knowing any other material information that could possible cloud our judgment, for example the region or the grower or the coffee trader. Each coffee has to stand out on its own and must score high on each of the 5 categories in order to just be considered a "Single Origin Selection".

We work closely with our wholesale clients on the sourcing of green beans and roast profiles as well as brewing techniques and barista training. We welcome you to bring the coffee your serving now and see how it holds up in one of our blind cuppings. This might seem like a lot of work for a cup of coffee, but then again, this is not your ordinary coffee.

Please contact CJ at Wholesale@eternitycoffeeroaters.com or call 305.609.4981.