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Guatemala; Finca Retana

Guatemala; Finca Retana

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Aromas of wild-flower honey, sweet herbal notes, hints of plum, raisin, and pear create a delightfully clean finish. Also great as a Single Origin Espresso!

Finca Retana is a traditional farm in Antigua situated at 1550 meters in a valley. A small amount of Yellow Bourbon is grown there; the cultivar named after the French-colonized island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. When compared with other types in the same plot, the Bourbon yields a balanced profile with moderate acidity. With good conscientious care, these plants can stay productive for long timeframes due to their notable bean density and lack of strain from over-fruiting.

 Roast Profile: Aroma Roasted- Medium

Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1220 to 500 masl
Soil content: Volcanic 
Process: Washed
Location: Antigua, Guatemala


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