Eternity Coffee Roasters, Miami, Fl, About Us

We are coffee lovers plain and simple. Just like you, we need a great cup of coffee to start our day, pass the time or for that afternoon boost. Eternity Coffee Roasters is committed to sourcing through blind tastings the highest scoring single origin coffees from around the globe and artisanally roasting in small batches to uncover the special characteristics of each bean. 

60 years ago and long before Eternity Coffee Roasters was an Idea, a young coffee farmer named Ernesto Garces began growing coffee high in volcanic and nutrient rich mountains of Colombia. It was there on Finca La Eternidad he planted his first tree, started his family and set out on a quest to grow spectacular coffees for the world to enjoy! 60 years later he still grows coffee on that farm and is now joined by his family to help!

Eternity Coffee Roasters is the Final Frontier of Ernesto’s dream to bring the "seed to cup" vision to life. Maintaining control of all aspects from sustainable growing practices, milling, social responsibility, export, import and finally, artisanally roasted by a master roaster in small batches we maintain a quality and transparency rarely seen in the coffee world.... or any other world!

Along with our unique Colombian estate farms and Micro-lots, we source green coffees from around the globe to bring you: Eternity Coffee Roasters, Single Origin Selections.

Our Flagship rostery and  is located in downtown Miami at:  117 SE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33131. You can purchase coffees on line or in the tasting room.