Santa Monica- Washed Caturra- Antioquia, Colombia

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Flavor Profile: Clover honey, black cherry, vanilla, tangy cranberry with a citric lemony finish

From aclaimed coffee farmer Cristina Garces, Finca Santa Monica is an Estate Coffee from La Concordia located in South West Antioquia outside of Medellin. The average altitude is 1,924 masl. Coffee from this farm has a very distinctive chocolate, citric and floral notes. The farms encompass 228 hectares of which 102 are planted with coffee trees and 19 hectares are shade grown.  The rest of the farm is dedicated land to protect a natural forest that goes around a reservoir that supplies the water to the town of La Concordia.


Roast Profile: Aroma Roasted- Medium

Varietal: Caturra and Colombia

Soil Content: Volcanic Ash

Altitude: 1,750 to 2,180 masl

Location: Antioquia, Colombia

Process Wet and Mechanical dry

Ships as 12 oz. or 5lb bag whole bean unless grinding is requested

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